Diversity & Inclusion Series

Welcome to the Law Light Diversity and Inclusion Series!
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Diversity & Inclusion Series with Linda Ramirez

Published May 27th, 2022   (Download Podcast)
This week Linda Ramirez, the General Counsel and Board Secretary at Olink Proteomics and Board Member of Latinas First Foundation, joins Gibson Arnold’s CEO, Melinda Delmonico, in sharing her journey and struggles of the legal world.  Her various experiences, personal and professional, have given her a unique perspective on DEIA and equipped her to tackle the challenges of diversity that many people face.

Diversity & Inclusion Series with Larry Lee

Published March 11, 2022   (Download)
On this episode, Melinda Delmonico (CEO of Gibson Arnold & Associates) is joined by Larry Lee, who is a Shareholder with Jones & Keller in Denver, CO. Larry summarizes his career in labor and employment law and how his father inspired his career. Larry also discusses what diversity and inclusion means to him, and why it is so important in the legal field.

Diversity & Inclusion Series with Kim Stith

Published October 15, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, we are continuing our discussion on Diversity & Inclusion with our guest, Kim Stith. Kim is Vice President & General Counsel of Employment Law and Benefits at Waste Management. Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) and Kim get together to discuss Kim’s experience with Diversity & Inclusion in the legal field, and what DEI initiatives should look like in the modern era. Kim offers her unique perspective on Diversity & Inclusion both as an employment attorney, and as an African-American female attorney.

Diversity & Inclusion Series with Marika Rietsema Ball

Published September 3, 2021   (Download)
Welcome back to season 4 of Law Light! We are fortunate to begin this season joined by our guest Marika Rietsema Ball, who is an Associate at Jones & Keller in Denver, CO. Marika joins us as part of our Diversity & Inclusion series. Host Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) and Marika discuss the contemporary issues that arise when hiring and retaining diverse attorneys in the legal field. Marika emphasizes that companies and employees should not be afraid to be wrong, as long as they are willing to learn from their mistakes.

Diversity & Inclusion Series with Maria Arias

Published August 6, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) is joined by Maria Arias, Principal of Maria Arias Solutions. Maria focuses her business on strategic consulting in the area of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and has helped a number of organizations learn to prioritize these values within their company’s culture. Maria began her career as an attorney, but quickly focused her career on Diversity and Inclusion, eventually becoming the Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion for Comcast Corporation before launching her own consulting business. Maria and Melinda discuss just how important Diversity & Inclusion are in today’s workplace, as well as how to implement structures that promote equity.

Diversity and Inclusion Series with Veronica Foley

Published July 9, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, we are continuing our series on Diversity and Inclusion with guest Veronica Foley, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary of Precision Drilling. Veronica speaks with Melinda Delmonico, President & CEO of Gibson Arnold about her legal career path, about moving to the United States at the age of 16, and about fighting to become a lawyer despite those who doubted her from a very young age. Veronica’s story is a fascinating one, and she beautifully delivers her thoughts on what diversity & inclusion mean in the workplace and why it is important in all aspects of the professional world.

Diversity & Inclusion Series with Bill Hopkins

Published June 11, 2021   (Download)
Continuing our series on Diversity & Inclusion, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) sits down with Bill Hopkins, a healthcare partner with Spencer Fane. Bill is also President of the Central Texas Advisory Board of the Texas Diversity Council, and brings a very well-rounded perspective to this discussion. Bill recognizes that law is not a very diverse field (yet!), and that it can be challenging for lawyers of color to be the only person of color in the room. Bill defines what diversity and inclusion mean to him personally and professionally, and how to implement both parts of this integral process effectively.

Diversity and Inclusion Series with Terry Leve

Published April 30, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) is kicking off an important series on Diversity & Inclusion, and our first guest on the subject is Terry Leve, the Chief Legal & Corporate Resource Officer for Pinnacol Assurance. Terry is a passionate leader for diversity and inclusion in his organization, and he and Melinda examine the ways in which companies and workforces can integrate diverse and inclusive values into their cultures.  Terry also presents the idea that diversity and inclusion are forever practices, not one-and-done boxes to check.