Partner On The Move Series

Welcome to the Law Light Partner on the Move Series!
The legal world has a lot to offer – and so do we. Law Light delivers a bit of levity to relevant & informed conversations touching all aspects of the legal field. Brought to you with a combination of head & heart by Gibson Arnold & Associates, Inc., a national legal recruiting firm assisting Fortune 500 corporations and law firms with the placement of extraordinary candidates. We handle full-cycle recruitment of senior- and executive-level employees and staff personnel, as well as e-Discovery.

Partner on the Move Series: The Classy Exit-Transitioning With Grace (Part 3)

Published July 10, 2020  (Download)
In the third installment of our Partners on the Move series, Melinda and Dee Dee discuss how to gracefully part ways with an employer. The ladies touch on the stress we may feel during a career transition, as well as how to navigate the tricky waters that sometimes arise during a parting of ways. Lateral partner hiring is a delicate process, so let Gibson Arnold & Associates help make it as seamless as possible for you. Contact Dee Dee Norman ( for any questions about making a move.

Partner on the Move Series: Behind the Curtain – Demystifying the Lateral Partner Process (Part 2)

Published: June 26, 2020  (Download)
In the second installment of our Partners on the Move series, Melinda and Dee Dee discuss the different facets of the lateral partner hiring process. Dee Dee, who is in charge of lateral hiring for Gibson Arnold and Associates, shares her expertise on the topic and provides some background knowledge of the process that may be able to help you in your future lateral move. Join us next time for part 3 of the series entitled The Classy Exit – Transitioning with Grace.

Partner on the Move Series: Making a Change (Part 1)

Published: June 12, 2020  (Download)
Today Melinda talks to Dee Dee Norman, head of mergers and acquisitions for Gibson Arnold & Associates. In the first installment of our Partner on the Move series, the two discuss some of the big reasons for making a career move, as well as how to know you are making the right choice. Join us next time for part 2 where Melinda and Dee Dee will dissect the lateral partner process.