Welcome to Season 3 of Law Light! On this week’s episode, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) sits down with Sylvia Kerrigan, Executive Director of the KBH Center for Energy, Business, & Law in Austin, Texas. Sylvia gives us a fascinating account of her journey through her legal career, from her time in law firms, to being General Counsel of Marathon Oil, and finally to her current role as “Recovering Lawyer” and her focus on board work rather than legal work. Sylvia reflects on the serendipity of her early legal career, and how her career has truly shaped her life as a whole and led her to the work she does now through the University of Texas at Austin. Lastly, Melinda and Sylvia note the importance of having a well-rounded team, as well as a well-rounded support system, to truly succeed.

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