This week on Law Light, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) is joined by Maria Arias, Principal of Maria Arias Solutions. Maria focuses her business on strategic consulting in the area of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and has helped a number of organizations learn to prioritize these values within their company’s culture. Maria began her career as an attorney, but quickly focused her career on Diversity and Inclusion, eventually becoming the Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion for Comcast Corporation before launching her own consulting business. Maria and Melinda discuss just how important Diversity & Inclusion are in today’s workplace, as well as how to implement structures that promote equity. Maria also defines what makes a good leader in her eyes, starting first and foremost with humility. Finally, we learn about the Law School Yes We Can program which encourages and assists diverse professionals to succeed in law school and beyond.

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