Continuing our series on Diversity & Inclusion, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) sits down with Bill Hopkins, a healthcare partner with Spencer Fane. Bill is also President of the Central Texas Advisory Board of the Texas Diversity Council, and brings a very well-rounded perspective to this discussion. He recognizes that law is not a very diverse field (yet!), and that it can be challenging for lawyers of color to be the only person of color in the room.

Bill defines what diversity and inclusion mean to him personally and professionally, and how to implement both parts of this integral process effectively. Speaking as a person of color himself, we hear about Bill’s own experience in the field of law and working with large law firms, as well as how he views the opportunity to be a role model for other lawyers. Finally, Bill and Melinda discuss courage and respect as the two most important attributes necessary to enact change in the field of diversity and inclusion. This is a wonderful and insightful conversation about a highly pressing issue, and we hope you enjoy.

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