Women in Leadership: In-House Counsel Series

Welcome to the Law Light Podcasts In-House Counsel Series!
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Women In Leadership: Law Firm Managing Partner Series with Erin Webber

Published June 25, 2021   (Download)
This week’s episode features newly appointed President & Managing Director of Littler, Erin Webber. Erin sits down with Melinda Delmonico, President & CEO of Gibson Arnold as part of our Women In Leadership series. New to her leadership role, Erin provides a unique perspective of what makes a good leader, and what kind of leader she wants to be, and touches on the struggles specifically faced by women in leadership roles. She also describes the path that led her to ultimately practicing law, and offers advice on how to take ownership of your career rather than being stuck in a job you don’t enjoy.

Women In Leadership – In-House Counsel Series with Amanda Rome

Published May 28, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, we are continuing our series on Women In Leadership with a very special in-house guest: Amanda Rome, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Xcel Energy. She sits down with Melinda Delmonico, President & CEO of Gibson Arnold, to talk about her legal career, as well as her unique view of leadership. Amanda talks about being self aware as a leader, and about truly caring about the happiness and development of the people on your team. She encourages young women to take an ownership mentality in their careers, and to not just be box checkers who do the bare minimum.

Women In Leadership: In-House Counsel Series with Marianna Kosharovsky

Published April 16, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light we have a very special guest, Marianna Kosharovsky, Founder and Executive Director of ALIGHT (Alliance to Lead Impact on Global Human Trafficking) here in Denver, Colorado. Marianna sits down with Melinda Delmonico, President & CEO of Gibson Arnold, to discuss her work in fighting human trafficking through her non-profit, ALIGHT. Founded in 2015, ALIGHT provides legal services and other support for survivors of human trafficking. Marianna shares with us the incredible story of her journey through law that eventually led her to create this ground-breaking organization.

Women In Leadership: In-House Counsel Series with Sylvia Kerrigan

Published April 2, 2021   (Download)
On this week’s episode, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) sits down with Sylvia Kerrigan, Executive Director of the KBH Center for Energy, Business, & Law in Austin, Texas. Sylvia gives us a fascinating account of her journey through her legal career, from her time in law firms, to being General Counsel of Marathon Oil, and finally to her current role as “Recovering Lawyer” and her focus on board work rather than legal work. Sylvia reflects on the serendipity of her early legal career, and how her career has truly shaped her life as a whole and led her to the work she does now through the University of Texas at Austin. Lastly, Melinda and Sylvia note the importance of having a well-rounded team, as well as a well-rounded support system, to truly succeed.

Women In Leadership: In-House Counsel Series with Fiona Arnold

Published February 19, 2021   (Download)
This week’s episode of Law Light features President & CEO of Gibson Arnold, Melinda Delmonico speaking with Fiona Arnold, President of Mainspring in Denver, CO. Fiona dives into her law career, and how it led her to ultimately becoming president of a real estate development firm. Melinda and Fiona also discuss different leadership styles, what makes them effective, and how to always be learning new strategies of leadership. Fiona encourages women to take their seat at the proverbial table, and gives a very real look into corporate diversity measures.

Women In Leadership: In-House Counsel Series with Margaret McLean

Published January 22, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) has the pleasure of speaking with Margaret McLean, General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer for TTEC. Margaret and Melinda sit down to discuss Margaret’s pre-law career in the IT department, her unique international work experience, and her ultimate path to becoming an in-house attorney. The two also discuss the importance of work/life balance, and finding a way to incorporate self care into your every day life. Margaret has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in the in-house world, and we are very lucky to have her share it with us! Please enjoy.

Women In Leadership: In-House Counsel with Christy Crase

Published January 11, 2021   (Download)
This week’s episode is the second installment of our Women In Leadership series, and Melinda has the fortune of interviewing Christy Crase, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Professional Case Management. Christy provides us with a detailed look at the strategic path she took throughout her career that led her to her ultimate goal, to become a successful in-house attorney and executive.

Women In Leadership: In-House Counsel Series with Chris Allyn

Published December 18, 2020   (Download)
This week’s episode of Law Light is led by Melinda Delmonico (President and CEO of Gibson Arnold) who has the pleasure of interviewing Chris Allyn, Chief Counsel of Data, Aviation, and Analytics for Boeing. This first installment of our Women in Leadership series features a lively discussion surrounding the complex relationship between women and positions of power in the corporate and legal world. Chris dives into her journey through corporate America, and offers her insights on what inspires her.