Building Your Toolkit Series

Welcome to the Law Light Building Your Toolkit Series!
The legal world has a lot to offer – and so do we. Law Light delivers a bit of levity to relevant & informed conversations touching all aspects of the legal field. Brought to you with a combination of head & heart by Gibson Arnold & Associates, Inc., a national legal recruiting firm assisting Fortune 500 corporations and law firms with the placement of extraordinary candidates. We handle full-cycle recruitment of senior- and executive-level employees and staff personnel, as well as e-Discovery.

Building Your Tookit: Starting A Legal Career with Lesley Wynes

Published July 23, 2021  (Download)
This week’s episode of Law Light features Melinda Delmonico, President & CEO of Gibson Arnold joined by Lesley Wynes, Chief Legal Talent Officer for Thompson Coburn. Lesley oversees all attorney recruiting and hiring nationwide for Thompson Coburn, and therefore provides some invaluable insight and advice on what it takes to be successful as a law firm attorney. Lesley began her career as a tax attorney in a large firm, but through her self-described “choose your own adventure career”, she found her way into attorney recruiting for Thompson Coburn and has done so for the last two years.

Building Your Toolkit: An Insider’s View with Stanton Dodge

Published May 14, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) is graciously joined by Stanton Dodge, Chief Legal Officer of DraftKings Inc. to get an insider’s view on what it takes to be a successful in-house attorney. Stanton takes us through his very unique and interesting legal career, and reminds us to always be challenging ourselves in order to always be growing. Stanton and Melinda discuss the 10,000 hour principle, and Stanton talks about his personal hiring style and the special kind of person that he looks for when hiring an in-house lawyer.

Building Your Toolkit: An Insider’s View with Gibson Arnold

Published March 5, 2021   (Download)
On our season 2 finale, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) is joined by Gibson Arnold’s own Directors of Associate Hiring, Forlesia Willis and Kenton Oates. Together, they discuss what it’s like to job search as a new law school graduate, and provide some strategies and tools that will help any job seeker find the job that is the right fit for them. Kenton and Forlesia are both finely tuned to the associate job market, and bring a great deal of wisdom and honesty to this discussion.

Building Your Toolkit: An Insider’s View with Lisa Liss

Published February 5, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, Melinda Delmonico (CEO & President of Gibson Arnold) sits down with Lisa Liss, Recruiting Manager at Holland & Hart. Together, they combine their extensive recruiting experience to build a toolkit for recent law school grads who are on the hunt for a job. Lisa has worked in many law firms throughout her career, and offers some insight into what many firms are looking for in their potential associates. Lisa and Melinda also provide some expert advice concerning interview Dos and Don’ts for new grads, including how to adapt to a remote, Covid-friendly format.

Building Your Toolkit: A Deep Dive Into Associate Hiring

Published August 21, 2020  (Download)
On today’s episode Melinda is joined by Forlesia Willis, director of associate hiring for Gibson Arnold & Associates. The ladies discuss the ins and outs of the associate hiring process, from the interview to the transition, and everything in between. If you are interested in making a move, or are in need of an associate hire, contact Forlesia Willis at