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Diversity & Inclusion Series with Bill Hopkins

Published June 11, 2021   (Download)
Continuing our series on Diversity & Inclusion, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) sits down with Bill Hopkins, a healthcare partner with Spencer Fane. Bill is also President of the Central Texas Advisory Board of the Texas Diversity Council, and brings a very well-rounded perspective to this discussion. Bill recognizes that law is not a very diverse field (yet!), and that it can be challenging for lawyers of color to be the only person of color in the room. Bill defines what diversity and inclusion mean to him personally and professionally, and how to implement both parts of this integral process effectively.

Women In Leadership – In-House Counsel Series with Amanda Rome

Published May 28, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, we are continuing our series on Women In Leadership with a very special in-house guest: Amanda Rome, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Xcel Energy. She sits down with Melinda Delmonico, President & CEO of Gibson Arnold, to talk about her legal career, as well as her unique view of leadership. Amanda talks about being self aware as a leader, and about truly caring about the happiness and development of the people on your team. She encourages young women to take an ownership mentality in their careers, and to not just be box checkers who do the bare minimum.

Building Your Toolkit: An Insider’s View with Stanton Dodge

Published May 14, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) is graciously joined by Stanton Dodge, Chief Legal Officer of DraftKings Inc. to get an insider’s view on what it takes to be a successful in-house attorney. Stanton takes us through his very unique and interesting legal career, and reminds us to always be challenging ourselves in order to always be growing. Stanton and Melinda discuss the 10,000 hour principle, and Stanton talks about his personal hiring style and the special kind of person that he looks for when hiring an in-house lawyer.

Diversity and Inclusion Series with Terry Leve

Published April 30, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) is kicking off an important series on Diversity & Inclusion, and our first guest on the subject is Terry Leve, the Chief Legal & Corporate Resource Officer for Pinnacol Assurance. Terry is a passionate leader for diversity and inclusion in his organization, and he and Melinda examine the ways in which companies and workforces can integrate diverse and inclusive values into their cultures.  Terry also presents the idea that diversity and inclusion are forever practices, not one-and-done boxes to check.

Women In Leadership Series: with Marianna Kosharovsky

Published April 16, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light we have a very special guest, Marianna Kosharovsky, Founder and Executive Director of ALIGHT (Alliance to Lead Impact on Global Human Trafficking) here in Denver, Colorado. Marianna sits down with Melinda Delmonico, President & CEO of Gibson Arnold, to discuss her work in fighting human trafficking through her non-profit, ALIGHT. Founded in 2015, ALIGHT provides legal services and other support for survivors of human trafficking. Marianna shares with us the incredible story of her journey through law that eventually led her to create this ground-breaking organization.

Women In Leadership Series: In-House Counsel with Sylvia Kerrigan

Published April 2, 2021   (Download)
Welcome to Season 3 of Law Light! On this week’s episode, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) sits down with Sylvia Kerrigan, Executive Director of the KBH Center for Energy, Business, & Law in Austin, Texas. Sylvia gives us a fascinating account of her journey through her legal career, from her time in law firms, to being General Counsel of Marathon Oil, and finally to her current role as “Recovering Lawyer” and her focus on board work rather than legal work. Sylvia reflects on the serendipity of her early legal career, and how her career has truly shaped her life as a whole and led her to the work she does now through the University of Texas at Austin.

Building Your Toolkit: An Insider’s View with Gibson Arnold

Published March 5, 2021   (Download)
On our season 2 finale, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) is joined by Gibson Arnold’s own Directors of Associate Hiring, Forlesia Willis and Kenton Oates. Together, they discuss what it’s like to job search as a new law school graduate, and provide some strategies and tools that will help any job seeker find the job that is the right fit for them. Kenton and Forlesia are both finely tuned to the associate job market, and bring a great deal of wisdom and honesty to this discussion.

Women In Leadership Series: In-House Counsel with Fiona Arnold

Published February 19, 2021   (Download)
This week’s episode of Law Light features President & CEO of Gibson Arnold, Melinda Delmonico speaking with Fiona Arnold, President of Mainspring in Denver, CO. Fiona dives into her law career, and how it led her to ultimately becoming president of a real estate development firm. Melinda and Fiona also discuss different leadership styles, what makes them effective, and how to always be learning new strategies of leadership. Fiona encourages women to take their seat at the proverbial table, and gives a very real look into corporate diversity measures.

Building Your Toolkit: An Insider’s View with Lisa Liss

Published February 5, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, Melinda Delmonico (CEO & President of Gibson Arnold) sits down with Lisa Liss, Recruiting Manager at Holland & Hart. Together, they combine their extensive recruiting experience to build a toolkit for recent law school grads who are on the hunt for a job. Lisa has worked in many law firms throughout her career, and offers some insight into what many firms are looking for in their potential associates. Lisa and Melinda also provide some expert advice concerning interview Dos and Don’ts for new grads, including how to adapt to a remote, Covid-friendly format.

Women In Leadership Series: In-House Counsel with Margaret McLean

Published January 22, 2021   (Download)
This week on Law Light, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) has the pleasure of speaking with Margaret McLean, General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer for TTEC. Margaret and Melinda sit down to discuss Margaret’s pre-law career in the IT department, her unique international work experience, and her ultimate path to becoming an in-house attorney. The two also discuss the importance of work/life balance, and finding a way to incorporate self care into your every day life. Margaret has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in the in-house world, and we are very lucky to have her share it with us! Please enjoy.

Women In Leadership Series: In-House Counsel with Christy Crase

Published January 11, 2021   (Download)
This week’s episode is the second installment of our Women In Leadership series, and Melinda has the fortune of interviewing Christy Crase, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Professional Case Management. Christy provides us with a detailed look at the strategic path she took throughout her career that led her to her ultimate goal, to become a successful in-house attorney and executive.

Women in Leadership Series: In-House Counsel with Chris Allyn

Published December 18, 2020   (Download)
This week’s episode of Law Light is led by Melinda Delmonico (President and CEO of Gibson Arnold) who has the pleasure of interviewing Chris Allyn, Chief Counsel of Data, Aviation, and Analytics for Boeing. This first installment of our Women in Leadership series features a lively discussion surrounding the complex relationship between women and positions of power in the corporate and legal world. Chris dives into her journey through corporate America, and offers her insights on what inspires her.

Repurposing Your Career

Published November 20, 2020   (Download)
On this episode of Law Light, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) talks with Elaina McMillan (Director of Talent Acquisition) about the Whys and the Hows of repurposing your career.

Don’t Go It Alone

Published November 6, 2020   (Download)
On this week’s episode, Elaina McMillan, Director of Gibson Arnold’s DLA program, is joined by Dee Dee Norman (Director of Mergers and Laterals) and Forlesia Willis (Director of Associate Hiring) to discuss the benefits of working with a recruiter during your job search.

Salary Negotiations and You

Published October 16, 2020  (Download)
On today’s episode, Melinda Delmonico (President & CEO of Gibson Arnold) is joined by Forlesia Willis, Director of Talent Acquisition and Head of Associate Hiring for Gibson Arnold. Melinda and Forlesia discuss the complicated and sometimes touchy topic of salary negotiations.

Manifesting the Job That You Want

Published October 2, 2020  (Download)
We are back! Welcome to Season 2 of Law Light by Gibson Arnold & Associates. Our season opener is all about manifesting the career that truly inspires you. Melinda Delmonico, President & CEO of Gibson Arnold, is joined by Elaina McMillan, Director of Talent Acquisition, in order to help you understand the power of manifestation, and how it can help you find and obtain your dream career.

Building Your Toolkit: A Deep Dive Into Associate Hiring

Published August 21, 2020  (Download)
On today’s episode Melinda is joined by Forlesia Willis, director of associate hiring for Gibson Arnold & Associates. The ladies discuss the ins and outs of the associate hiring process, from the interview to the transition, and everything in between. If you are interested in making a move, or are in need of an associate hire, contact Forlesia Willis at

Expanding, Connecting, and Cultivating Your Network

Published August 7, 2020  (Download)
In today’s episode, Melinda talks to Elisha Dodge, senior managing director for Gibson Arnold & Associates. Together, they discuss the importance of forming and maintaining your professional network, as well as provide guidance for those who are trying to create their network from square one. Both Melinda and Elisha have spent many years in the legal industry, and they bring their cumulative knowledge to this episode to help you make the most of your network.

Law Firm to In-House – Navigating the Transition

Published July 24, 2020  (Download)
Today Melinda is joined by Elisha Dodge, senior manager and general counsel for Gibson Arnold, to discuss what it takes to transition from a law firm to an in-house role. Elisha offers her expertise on what corporations are looking for in their corporate counsel, as well as how you can get started making the transition. For more information, contact Elisha Dodge at

Partner on the Move Series: The Classy Exit-Transitioning With Grace (Part 3)

Published July 10, 2020  (Download)
In the third installment of our Partners on the Move series, Melinda and Dee Dee discuss how to gracefully part ways with an employer. The ladies touch on the stress we may feel during a career transition, as well as how to navigate the tricky waters that sometimes arise during a parting of ways. Lateral partner hiring is a delicate process, so let Gibson Arnold & Associates help make it as seamless as possible for you. Contact Dee Dee Norman ( for any questions about making a move.

Partner on the Move Series: Behind the Curtain – Demystifying the Lateral Partner Process (Part 2)

Published: June 26, 2020  (Download)
In the second installment of our Partners on the Move series, Melinda and Dee Dee discuss the different facets of the lateral partner hiring process. Dee Dee, who is in charge of lateral hiring for Gibson Arnold and Associates, shares her expertise on the topic and provides some background knowledge of the process that may be able to help you in your future lateral move. Join us next time for part 3 of the series entitled The Classy Exit – Transitioning with Grace.

Partner on the Move Series: Making a Change (Part 1)

Published: June 12, 2020  (Download)
Today Melinda talks to Dee Dee Norman, head of mergers and acquisitions for Gibson Arnold & Associates. In the first installment of our Partner on the Move series, the two discuss some of the big reasons for making a career move, as well as how to know you are making the right choice. Join us next time for part 2 where Melinda and Dee Dee will dissect the lateral partner process.

Real Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence

Published: May 29, 2020  (Download)
Melinda is joined by Stacie Woods, eDiscovery manager for Gibson Arnold to discuss technology and the impact it has had on the discovery process. The two also touch on the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence, and what the future may hold for document review.

Creative Resumes Create Opportunities

Published: May 15, 2020  (Download)
Today Melinda is joined by Stacie Woods, the eDiscovery Manager for Gibson Arnold & Associates. Together they discuss best practices for drafting a resume, and how your resume can make or break you in your job search. Melinda lays out some Dos and Don’ts of resume building, and the ladies discuss some of the resume faux pas they have seen in the past.

Distinguished Legal Advisers – Discovering the Untapped Wisdom of Retiring Attorneys

Published: May 1, 2020  (Download)
Melinda Delmonico and Elaina McMillan discuss Gibson Arnold’s Distinguished Legal Adviser (or DLA) program, including how it came to be, and how it is different than anything else currently in the legal field. The ladies also touch on the power and wisdom of retired attorneys, and how difficult it can be to “turn off” 30 years of legal experience. More information on the DLA program can be found on our website:

Thriving In Chaos – Self Care in the Legal Field

Published: April 17, 2020  (Download)
On our first episode, Melinda Delmonico and Elaina McMillan discuss the stress of working in the legal field, the toll that stress can take on our health, and ways to practice self care in our every day lives. Gibson Arnold & Associates is a legal staffing firm located in Denver, Colorado that knows the ins and outs of the legal profession, and we will be bringing you podcasts on a myriad of topics regarding the legal world, so stay tuned!