Retained Services

For over three decades, Gibson Arnold & Associates has been fulfilling the personnel needs of the legal community, which means that we understand the importance of selecting the right company to manage your search. Our history in the legal field has allowed us to cultivate relationships with thousands of highly-qualified legal professionals; that’s why our clients – national and international corporations and law firms – retain Gibson Arnold & Associates to find the right executives, partner and associate candidates, and merger opportunities.

Retain Gibson Arnold & Associates to find the right

• Law Department Executives

• Corporate Executives

• Merger Opportunities

• Partners

To reflect the care we take in filling your needs, we utilize a two-pronged retained search process. We begin by meeting with your decision makers to learn about you: Your business model, your strategic plan, and your ideal candidate. Then, we build on what we’ve learned by further researching your company and your competitors, and reviewing the current market of the target industry. The result is a comprehensive package tailored to your search that includes your ideal candidate profile, regions of interest, and even competitors that may currently be employing your perfect fit. This serves as the foundation of our search, which we will refine during our ongoing consultation with you on recruitment strategy.

As we identify potential candidates, we’ll connect with them and pique their interest in the position and your company. Once they are ready to explore the opportunity, we learn everything we can about them. We review their resume, conduct background research and reference checks, and ask them the probing questions necessary to determine if they truly have the qualifications, skills, and personality to guarantee a good fit.

Throughout our partnership, Gibson Arnold & Associates recruiters will attend to every detail and serve as consultants to see the placement through to completion. While we put every effort into filling the needs of all our clients, those who retain Gibson Arnold & Associates for a search know exactly what to expect from our structured process. The close interaction required by our retained search not only allows for a more detailed understanding of the client’s needs, but enables us to plan our search within a set time frame, at a predetermined cost, with maximum efficiency, leaving you with no surprises, only results.

For more information about retained services, contact Melinda Delmonico.