Why work with us?

The simple fact of the matter is that on paper, finding a job or finding an employee is pretty simple, but there is a significant difference between simple and easy. The time and effort you expend on the search can be extensive; sometimes it seems like finding a new job is itself a full-time job, which is why you should partner up with Gibson Arnold & Associates; let us do the legwork, while you concentrate on your core business or practice.


  • Experience – Gibson Arnold & Associates has been putting employers and candidates together for more than 35 years. Our recruiters are steeped in the unspoken protocol of the hiring world, familiar with the requirements of both employers and candidates, and bridge the divide between the two. We can not only find the right candidate, we know the ins and outs of building a deal that is equitable, fair, and advantageous to both sides.
  • Reach – Gibson Arnold & Associates’ recruiters have access to a national pool of candidates, with whatever skill sets you need, in whatever market you need them.
  • Network – Gibson Arnold & Associates works with employers across the country, and even internationally, giving us access to a wide network of jobs that are not otherwise accessible.
  • Expertise – Gibson Arnold & Associates’ recruiters are professional matchmakers, putting candidates and employers together on a daily basis. We know what questions to ask, what the answers mean, and when the answers signify a good or bad fit between an employer and a candidate.
  • Effort – Partnering with Gibson Arnold & Associates means we shoulder some of the load. For employers, that means we conduct the search and screen the respondents, only passing the most qualified on to you. For candidates, that means we make the connections to employers, and help you to put your best foot forward. Either way, it means less hassle and a better match for you.
Hands down and without exception, Gibson Arnold is the best agency out there from a document reviewer’s standpoint. I don’t say this because they pay better than any other agency out there, although they are definitely competitive. I don’t say it because their Golden office (where I usually work when not actually on site at a law firm) has plenty of natural light, or because it has 24/7 access for flexible schedules – although it does.  I say it because Gibson Arnold actually cares about their people as individuals, and not (like most agencies) just how much money they can make off of them. Working for G&A, you get treated like a human being, not just a machine who codes documents.  Whether it is providing snacks, or providing a flexible and workable schedule, they show their appreciation for their workers every day.  Other agencies try, but in my experience, they just can’t come up to those standards.

-Document review candidate

She is working out great. Both attorneys are happy with her work.
-Temporary attorney placement with a boutique law firm.

I have heard she is doing good things! And is really fitting in well.
-Temp-to-Hire placement with a corporation.

Gibson Arnold-Why Work with Us
Candidate has been doing a wonderful job and I’m very pleased with her work product. Other candidate has also been an asset to us. She has a great attitude and good head on her shoulders.

-Temporary and Temp-to-Hire candidate placements with corporation.

We really think Candidate has done a great job with us and would be happy to provide a recommendation. We may even want to bring her back on a project basis as major events develop.

-Temporary candidate placement with corporation.

Thank you for checking in, and great job on this. We have everything we need.
-Data privacy review for AMLaw 100 firm.

Please tell Candidate that everyone LOVED her and that we are working on pulling together some details, but hope to be in touch in the next day or two.
-Lateral associate placement with AMLaw 200 law firm.