Distinguished Legal Advisor® Program

Sometimes, it is not enough to have just any temporary attorney; sometimes you need someone with the skills that come only from years of experience. Gibson Arnold & Associates’ Distinguished Legal Advisor® program gives you access to the skills and knowledge of our network of highly experienced attorneys when you need it most. You get General Counsel level expertise on a flexible contract basis.

With a Distinguished Legal Advisor®, you can engage a contract attorney with the experience and specialized skill set of a life-long attorney when you need it, where you need it, and for exactly how long you need it; all this without incurring the costs and hassles of hiring a full time employee or an outside counsel. Gibson Arnold & Associates takes care of all the employment issues; all you have to do is put the Distinguished Legal Advisor® to work.

For more information about the DLA program, contact Elaina McMillan.

Call Gibson Arnold & Associates today, and see how your practice can be improved by the addition of a Distinguished Legal Advisor®!