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e-Discovery and Document Review

In the age of electronic mail, comprehensive management of document review projects can be costly and labor-intensive for any organization. Gibson Arnold & Associates has been staffing e-Discovery and document reviews for national and international law firms and corporations since 1981. Litigators know the frustration of sifting through thousands (or millions) of documents, but document review projects are not just for litigators any more. With today’s “keep everything” data culture, even transactional and other practitioners have to contend with an overwhelming volume of data.

Gibson Arnold & Associates has staffed all sizes of document review projects with attorneys and paralegals. With our own review facilities and staffing services, there are a number of benefits to working with Gibson Arnold & Associates. Our dedicated and experienced team of reviewers are ready to assist you in the preparation and implementation of all forms of document review projects, including:

  • Discovery (electronic or traditional)
  • Contract Review for Content and Terms
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Data Breach Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) Analysis
  • Government Investigations

Gibson Arnold & Associates can assemble a team of reviewers on short notice, and accommodate requests for reviewers with specialized language or technical skills.

We offer full-service management for your project. If you do not have the space to conduct a document review project, or would prefer to have the project at a separate location, Gibson Arnold & Associates has three secure review facilities with state of the art hardware. When we host your document review, we also provide you with a dedicated on-site manager who will supervise your project and serve as your single point of contact.

Our clients keep coming back to Gibson Arnold & Associates because we understand the e-Discovery and document review process from start to finish. Gibson Arnold & Associates provides structured, cost-effective and timely service that ensures high-quality results.

Review Facilities

To complement our professional legal staffing services, Gibson Arnold & Associates has three document review centers located in Houston, Texas, Denver, Colorado and Golden, Colorado. We provide a one-stop, cost-saving solution to clients with limited access to review centers. Each center is designed to accommodate large productions, an on-site e-Discovery manager and dedicated IT service. All locations include fully-equipped workstations and secure 24/7 access.

Document Review Staffing

Assessing the relevant experience of attorneys and paralegals can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive for individual law firms and corporations. Gibson Arnold & Associates works closely with your supervising attorney to identify the specific qualifications required of the review team. Our e-Discovery Managers maintain relationships with thousands of reviewers and continue to build the Gibson Arnold & Associates database through personal candidate interviews and recruitment. Each candidate is screened for areas of expertise and special skills, such as fluency in other languages and proficiency with various e-Discovery software packages. Additionally, candidates are vetted with credentials verification checked and reference checks. Our recruiters have a genuine understanding of our candidate’s qualifications and have mastered the selection called and placement process, resulting in lower turnover and significant cost savings.

Benefits of Working with Gibson Arnold & Associates

The benefits of keeping projects close to home include:

  • Cost-savings;
  • Easy access to supervising and reviewing attorneys, whether in-person or over the phone, with no concern for time variations;
  • Accredited attorney and paralegal reviewers;
  • A pool of reviewers to choose from and selecting those whose credentials and experience fit the needs of your project;
  • No language constraints or misinterpretation of documents;
  • Our locations ensure site security;
  • Support local economies;
  • A firm’s associates can be assigned to a Gibson Arnold & Associates project.