Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

For over three decades, Gibson Arnold & Associates has been fulfilling the personnel needs of the legal community. That experience lets us understand that sometimes you don’t need long-term help; you just need help RIGHT NOW. Maybe it’s a sudden surge in business, or a team member is on leave, or you need a specialized skill for one project but can’t justify hiring a full-time employee; maybe you just want to test-drive an attorney to make sure they fit before hiring them on full-time. Regardless of the reason, you need qualified help on short notice. Gibson Arnold & Associates’ Temporary Staffing service is the answer.

There can be a number of concerns about temporary hires: Are they qualified? Will they integrate well with my team? Is there a conflict of interest? Will they preserve my confidentiality and security? Gibson Arnold & Associates’ team of recruiters has long-standing relationships with a diverse array of attorneys, paralegals, and staff, which means we can quickly identify the ones that can meet your needs. Whether you need a short-term replacement, a potentially long term hire (Temp-to-Hire), or a highly experienced specialist (one of our Distinguished Legal Advisor® ), Gibson Arnold & Associates’ Temporary Staffing service means that you get the help you need right away.

For more information about temporary staffing contact Jordyn Piercy.

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Our experience lets us understand that sometimes you don’t need long-term help, you just need help RIGHT NOW.

Attorney Placements

Each corporation has its unique focus and design for a law department. From a single-lawyer law department to a large, expansive team of lawyers, Gibson Arnold & Associates understands the complexity of finding the right team member. Our rich history in placing all levels of attorneys such as general counsel, corporate, risk managers, and chief compliance officers across all industries ensures success. Depending on the design of the law department, it can be difficult to define a profile for an ideal candidate. As part of our partnership with your organization, we will ask questions and offer advice to help narrow the search. We listen carefully, so we will present candidates that fit your organizations legal needs, as well as your organizations unique culture.


Staff Placements

A key component to a successful law firm is the overall team strategy. Paralegals, legal secretaries, document clerks and other legal support staff are critical to an organization’s foundation. Talented legal support team members allow your attorneys to provide balanced service to your clients or your organization. Gibson Arnold & Associates prides itself on being able to identify the right candidate to fill any need. We will work with you to understand the level of experience you are seeking and the cultural fit that will ensure the candidates we identify are able to support your attorneys in any capacity.