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Welcome to the Gibson Arnold & Associates Jobs Resource Center

This area is intended to be a resource for your use to improve your job search, both by making yourself more attractive to potential employers and by helping you define and focus the goals of your search. Here you will find advice as well as example documents and research aids.

Sample Documents

Generally speaking a resume should be no longer than one page, but can be up to two pages for candidates with a plethora of relevant experience. A good resume will highlight your specific accomplishments in each position as well as noting day-to-day activities that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Education should also be included and depending on the years of experience, can either be placed at the top of the resume or the bottom. A complete resume will also show awards, associations, community involvement and any other special skills that may pertain to the position. Resumes should always be geared to highlight the skills you have that match best with the position description of the job you are applying for. It may be beneficial to have one comprehensive resume with several versions for each position you have applied for. Typically the recruiters at Gibson Arnold & Associates like to see the comprehensive resume as it can better help determine how your qualifications will fit with the positions we have open. The three samples below show what information should be included and how it can be presented. Despite the position titles listed, you may find that each one has attributes that would be helpful in presenting your qualifications.
Bullet Format Resume – Sample 1
Bullet Format Resume – Sample 2
Paragraph Format Resume – Sample

A business plan is typically used for more experienced attorneys who are seeking to make a lateral move as partner in a new law firm. It can be a valuable tool to show a potential employer how you have successfully developed clients and business in the past and how you intend to continue strong client and business development going forward. Samples below.
Business Plan – Sample 1
Business Plan – Sample 2
Business Plan – Sample 3 (No Book of Business)

For transactional attorneys, transactions lists are a good way to summarize your accomplishments. It can show a potential employer how you have successfully managed several transactions, the specifics of each transaction and the amount of money involved.

For litigation attorneys, a representative cases list shows a potential employer the variety and complexity of cases you have worked on and the role you played in each case. The employer will then be able to identify how your practice could fit into their firm.

Interview Etiquette

Proper interview etiquette can be the most important part of the hiring process with a potential employer. The recruiters at Gibson Arnold & Associates work with candidates to ensure that they are properly prepared and informed before interviewing with our clients. We have provided a short reading below to give you some insight on what you should take into consideration when preparing for an interview.
The Interview